Entry for GMTK jam 2019, only one.

This game has only one button, space bar. In space war you want to conquer enemy's base. 3 types of buildings and 3 types of units. Games difficulty comes from trying to do what you want while choosing decision grows faster and faster.

THIS GAME HAS NO AUDIO. "Art" is done by me, with gimp and mouse.

AI dump it does just random things. Difficult just makes it do stuff more faster. 

Known bugs:  Sometimes there is spawn of multiple icons, while it looks funny it breaks the game.

This is my first game made public, all kind of feedback is nice. 

Downloadable Unity exe available.


SpaceWar.zip 17 MB


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Hey, I really like the work you're putting in here. While this is a little rough and un-polished, the basic premis is solid and you could easily flesh it out into a nice casual empire builder esque thing for people to play on their phones. interface is easy to use, I like it. keep it up. 

ps, perhapse you could getting the right icons into like a littel mini puzzle game down below to effect whats going on in the real game above.

pretty cool, just unclear what I was doing some of the time

try out my submission too